CRRA is conducting the following research projects under the mission of "Protecting the Earth, Pioneering Mars".

CO2 Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Within the field of "climate engineering", which is the artificially stopping climate change, we are researching technology to capture CO2, the root cause of climate change, directly from the air. Until now, only huge devices such as chemical plants have been researched in the world, but in order to raise awareness of climate change, CRRA is conducting research and development of the world's smallest device that can be disseminated at the individual level.

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CO2 resource recycling (carbon recycling)


 At CRRA, we are not only recovering CO2 from the air, but also conducting research to create organic compounds from the recovered CO2. For example, in the "Sorarin Project," which produces gasoline from the air, we have succeeded in developing a fuel that can replace gasoline from the air. Through these researches, we aim to create energy from air and also to replace all petroleum products with "air products", which will reduce CO2 emissions into the air.

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Mars Exploration

  • Development of a vehicle that can easily take anyone to space.
  • Research to capture CO2 from the Martian atmosphere (95% CO2) and chemically synthesize it into rocket fuel, plastic, and food for astronauts.

Note: For an overview of this research, please see the section on "Kazami Muraki," a finalist for the Hirono vation in 2009.