"In order to truly solve global warming, we need a truly independent research institute."


 This is the philosophy that the head of OIST, Kazami Muraki, has consistently followed. For this reason, CRRA was incorporated as a "general incorporated association" with no affiliation to the national government, no affiliation to any university, and no shareholders, supervisory authorities, or any other interested parties.


 However, in return, it is also true that it is very difficult to obtain research funds.


 1) Stop global warming and save all 7.7 billion human beings.


2) Synthesize all organic matter in the world from the air.


3) Make Mars habitable as a second home for human beings.



It is the dream of all of us at CRRA, including the head of the organization, to make these dreams come true by 2045.


Let's create an exciting future together, not a hopeless one.


Please give us your strength. Please consider making a donation.


                                                                                                         Carbon Capture Research Association (CRRA)


                                                                                                                            Kazami Muraki, President & CEO


Where to make your donation


Bank transfer address


Bank Name: GMO Aozora Net Bank

Branch Name: Corporate Sales Department 2

Type: Ordinary

Account Number: 1082335

Name: Carbon Capture Technology Research Institute, Inc.

Name: General Incorporated Association Carbon Capture Technology Research Institute


You can transfer funds from all financial institutions.



Please transfer the funds to the above account and contact CRRA's inquiry desk at "".



For corporations and organizations

Please transfer the funds to the above account and contact CRRA at

Receipts can be issued. If you are a corporation, you can include up to the maximum amount of general donations as a deductible expense.


 <(How to calculate the maximum amount of general donations that can be included in deductible expenses)


Limit on deductible expenses = (Amount of capital, etc. at the end of the fiscal year x Number of months in the fiscal year / 12 x 2.5 / 1000 + Amount of income for the fiscal year x 2.5 / 100 ) x 1/4