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All departments are headed by the Representative Director, Kazumi Muraki.

○ Department of Significant Intelligence 6  (Si6)  - Secretary & President's office

○ Department of Measures Against Climate Change (MAC2)  - Research, Development, Invention to halt climate change

○ Department of New Utilization of Transportation System (NUTS)  - In charge of Land Transport, making new vehicle

○ Department of Marine Utilization for halting climate change (MU4)  - In charge of Marine Transport, Shakedown cruise

○ Department of exploration in Sky and Space (S2)  - In charge of Sky Transport, Space Exploration

Our Businesses

Solution for Climate Change

We, CRRA invented a CO2-removing machine called "Hiyassy" in order to halt climate change and save the entire world by 2100. We are also currently working on discovering the whole new way to convert CO2 into fuels, and some other useful materials for the better life.

Realizing Martian Colonization

To halt climate change is only the first goal for us. Martian Colonization is our next huge goal. We create the new way to convert martian CO2 atmosphere into fuel, which will be used as fuel for returning to the Earth. 

From land to the sky - Our curiosity never ends.

For Future Scientists

In order to achieve those ambitious goals, it is necessary to nurture future scientists. To teach and spread knowledge for next generation is our important mission. We provide "Kazumi Muraki's Science School" for instance, make teens interested in scientific things. 

CRRA's History

・Oct.05, 2017 Kazumi Muraki, who was only a 11th student, founded CRRA alone.

・Apr.07, 2020 CRRA became incorporated (General Incorporated Association)

・May. 2020      Akihabara Lab. Opened

・Aug. 2020      MAC2, MU4, Si6 established

Articles of Incorporation



We, CRRA, save the entire world by halting global warming.

We, CRRA, research the way to realize martian colonization and further space exploration in the Solar System.

We, CRRA, contribute for prosperity of the whole civilization in this universe.


We perform businesses shown below in order to achieve our goals :

1)Research for halting climate change

2)Research for human space exploration especially on the Mars

3)Designing and Invention of Cars, Railways, Ships, Aircrafts and Spacecrafts for realizing carbon-neutral society

4)Sales of machines invented by CRRA

5)Education for future scientists

6)Land Transport, Marine Transport, Air Transport and Space Transport

7)Construction and Management of Airports and Spaceports

8)Construction and Development on the Earth, in space and on other planets

9)Production, Sales, import and export of poisonous/dangerous chemical substances for research use

10)Travel business based on by the Travel Law in Japan

11)Space Travel Agency

12)All businesses incidental to the preceding items