1) To stop global warming and save all 7.7 billion human beings.


2) To synthesize all kinds of organic products from carbon dioxide in the air. 2) To synthesize all organic products from carbon dioxide in the air, and to replace all petroleum products with air-derived "air products.


3) Realize human migration to Mars in preparation for a future population explosion.


 CRRA (Carbon Recovering Research Agency) is an independent research organization that conducts consistent research on everything from how to stop global warming to the realization of human migration to Mars. It was founded by Kazami Muraki, a chemist and inventor, as the head of the organization. In addition to working on the world's most advanced climate engineering and CO2 direct air capture, we are also promoting research on the production of alternative fuels to oil from air, and on manned Mars exploration.

Message from Fukai Muraki, CRRA Representative Director

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